a nice evening :)

Nina, a very good friend of me, came to me and we cooked blancmange xD it tasted a little bit strange O.o loool ! then we saw the film about our confirmation and split one's side laughing. yeah ^^ xD we took a little bottle with berentzen and went outside on the streets in our village. We visited an other good friend, steffi. there we had a lot of fun, too. (: in the moment i sit on my chair in front of my computer x)

Somehow it is boring ôo i don't know what to do..
öööh yea, i'm a little bit tired .. go sleeping?! hmm, no !


bye-bye, love you all (:

18.11.06 01:01

an english blog ?! yaaah !

Yes, it's an english blog. My english isn't so good and you don't improve me. Sometimes that would be better .. It's an english blog, because my english should be better.

I hope you understand me, LOL.

This his little page develop with the time.. and have fun with this blog (:

your vany
17.11.06 17:10

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